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English guide in Hokkaido

○For Travel Agency and Outdoor Group

Yukkureism Hokkaido is a tour operator in charge of all over Hokkaido. We cooperate with local restaurants,accommodations and nature guides. Also, we provide our unique and high quality Eco-tours through Hokkaido.A Professional guide who speaks English will accompany through the journey. We are specialists about Hokkaido and you can trust us with that.We also arrange tours such exclusive ones with limousine bus.

○For Family and Group Tours in Hokkaido

Yukkureism Hokkaido arranges tours like winery tours and cheese making tours themed Hokkaido Foods, hiking, canoeing, rafting, horse riding, trackless region tours with a nature guide. English speaking guide will accompany throuh the journey.Please send us emails how you wish your tour to be, number of days and people, theme of your journey, etc.


When he was 20s, he produces several restaurants, after that he travels overseas for his interested in. while travel, He was interested in Agritourism and the idea of Slow Food, a natural empathy with the concept of protection. In 2006, YUKKUREISM Hokkaido launched. Currently, event planning, development of Eco-tours. Also, he has lectures and writing for foods. He has own garden, which make pesticide stuffs.
There are a lot of wonderful foods in Hokkaido. I can chose the best one for every seasons especially for you. Why don't we eat at all HOKKAIDO?

Most of his 20s, he spends most of time in the overseas as the United States, Mongolia, Costa Rica for learning ecotourism. After he moved to Hokkaido, he became a nature guide. Also he is an Eco-tour guide as an independent. He across the Hokkaido land, as the land operator and other activities. Especially, Trekking with birdwatching, canoe, hosebackriding and snowshowing.Natural science magazine, and his own experience, ecotourism information in writing.
Hokkaido is the most beautiful place in japan. Great landscapes and crisp air in Hokkaido give you unforgettable memories. I can bring you to very hidden spots for real experience!